Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ralph the roofer is checking the hot asphalt temperature for the sixth time today.

Human nature does not always learn wisdom from experience, does it?


Billy Long said...

Hot asphalt in a mop cart (as seen in the cartoon) can be at temperatures over 400 degrees. Thus the bandages on the fingers. I wonder if anyone out there would like to suggest a caption for this cartoon, or even to share three or four sentences giving us a spiritual lesson that can be gleaned from the drawing. Feel free to make a comment.
Billy Long

Linda Bullock said...

Oh Billy!!! Shame on you! Showing a hunky shirtless man (even if cartoon) to a single woman does not give me a mind of spirituality!. "Be careful where you stick your finger!" - nope that wouldn't be good.

My father built roads for a living so I am well aware that you can only work with asphalt while it is hot.

Billy Long said...

Thanks, Linda. Great to hear from you. Send me your email address to my email address shown on page one of this blog. That way I can send you notices of future postings.
I hope you are doing well. Are you still in Durham. Where are you fellowshipping now.
God bless you,

Anonymous said...

There is only one Billy Long, I miss the fellowship and laughter.
Every time we get together with Clarie and any of the children we have to have Billy Long stories.
We love you,
You are deeply blessed to have such a wonderful family.
Merry Christmas.
Deedee and Ron

Billy Long said...

Thanks, Ron and Deedee. Laurel and I are so thankful that our friendship with you has carried over to our children. What a blessing you have been to them.